10@12 Webinar: Injunctions and Corporate Transactions 1

10@12 Webinar: Injunctions and Corporate Transactions

Erskine Chambers is delighted to announce the second webinar of the 10@12 series.

20 May 2022 – Injunctions and Corporate Transactions

In this series of webinars, Members of Chambers will discuss ten key points on topics of interest. Each webinar will last for about 30-40 minutes including time for questions.

The second webinar in the series will start at 12 noon on 20 May and will consider Injunctions and Corporate Transaction.

1.  Available underlying claims.

2.  Vulnerable transactions.

3.  Danger areas in transactions.

4.  Legal framework for injunctions – s. 994.

5.  (In)applicability of American Cyanamid.

6.  Part 7/ derivative claims: the differences.

7.  Restraining the sale of a majority stake.

8.  Restraining a drag along.

9.  Tactical lessons: responding to an injunction.

10. Tactical lessons: applying for an injunction.

SPEAKERS: Andrew Thompson QC and Andrew Blake