10@12 Webinar: Arbitration of Corporate Disputes

10@12 Webinar: Arbitration of Corporate Disputes

The third webinar of the 10@12 series will start at 12 noon on 10 June and will consider Arbitration of Corporate Disputes

Corporate disputes are increasingly being resolved through arbitration as a result of changes in the law and the increasing inclusion of arbitration clauses in shareholders agreements, joint venture agreements and LLP agreements.

Andrew Thompson QC and Philip Morrison discuss ten key points for those involved in the arbitration of corporate disputes. The topics discussed include which corporate disputes are arbitrable, how different kinds of corporate claims are arbitrated in practice, and certain tricky points which have arisen from their own recent experience.

Questions in advance of the webinar are welcome. Please keep your registration email from Zoom to hand as it will contain your unique joining link. 

  1. What criteria determine which disputes go to arbitration?
  2. What is the test of arbitrability?
  3. What corporate claims are arbitrable?
  4. What corporate claims are not arbitrable?
  5. How will an unfair prejudice claim be dealt with in an arbitration?
  6. How will a derivative claim be dealt with in an arbitration?
  7. What if the claim is governed by a foreign law?
  8. Is the arbitration of LLP disputes any different to the arbitration of company disputes?
  9. How are urgent injunctions dealt with in arbitrations?
  10. What are the key takeaways on the arbitration of corporate disputes?



Andrew Thompson QC
Philip Morrison