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Patrick Harty

Call: 2008

Patrick specialises in commercial and financial litigation with a particular emphasis on company law, corporate insolvency and civil fraud.  He has substantial experience of large commercial litigation, often involving an international element, insolvency issues and applications for pre-emptive and interlocutory relief including freezing orders, Norwich Pharmacal orders and interim injunctions.

Patrick regularly appears in the Chancery Division and Commercial Court both as sole advocate and with a leader. He also has significant experience as a trial advocate, including in fraud actions.

"An extremely bright and commercial junior who tackles complex legal issues with aplomb."

Chambers and Partners

Litigation & Arbitration

  • Shareholder disputes including: derivative actions, unfair prejudice petitions and personal actions by shareholders
  • LLP disputes
  • Civil fraud and asset recovery
  • Joint venture disputes
  • Company claims for breach of directors’ duties
  • Warranty claims
  • Professional negligence
  • Interim remedies

JSC Mezhdunarodniy Promyshlenniy Bank v Pugachev [2014] EWHC 4336 (Ch)
Acting for the liquidator of what was formerly one of Russia’s largest privately owned banks on its claims against one of its founders, Sergei Pugachev, under, among other things, the Cross Border Insolvency Regulations 2006; successfully obtaining the continuation of a US $2 billion freezing order under s. 25 of the Civil Jurisdiction and Judgments Act 1982 in support of Russian proceedings (with Stephen Smith QC and Ben Griffiths).

Re Guidezone Limited
Acting for the respondents’ to an unfair prejudice petition on a 4 week trial of a preliminary issue (with Lance Ashworth QC).

Re Guidezone Limited [2014] 1 WLR 3728
Appearing (as sole advocate) on the first in-time application for an extension of time post-Mitchell against a team of a senior silk and a junior; the application was allowed by Nugee J for reasons which were “essentially those advanced by Mr Harty in his able and well argued submissions”.

Pourghazi v Kamyab (Court of Appeal)
Acting for the respondent to an appeal and obtaining an order that, unless the appellant paid £950,000 (the part of the judgment which was not subject to the appeal) to the respondent, the appeal would be struck out.

Pourghazi v Kamyab (Lawtel AC0143106)
Acting for the claimant on a 4 day trial of fraudulent misrepresentation claims; the claim was successful and the defendant was ordered to pay £1.3m and costs on the indemnity basis.

Interactive Technology Corporation Limited v Ferster
Acting for a company on claims against one of its directors to set aside a purported sale of the Company’s assets and claims for breach of fiduciary duty (with Richard Snowden QC and Nigel Dougherty).

Re South Pacific Oil Limited (Western Pacific Court of Appeal)
Acting for the former managing director of, and a minority shareholder in, an oil company worth over £100m on an unfair prejudice petition and defending a claim for breach of fiduciary duty. Patrick was called on an ad hoc basis to the bar of the Solomon Islands and appeared in the Western Pacific Court of Appeal.

Hawkins v Atex Group Limited
Acting for the former CEO of a digital media company on both an unfair prejudice petition and claims against him for breach of fiduciary duty and breach of his contract of employment (with David Chivers QC).

Moussavi v Zaero-Polo
Acting for the defendant to a claim for the specific performance of a demerger agreement arising out of the divorce of two architects.

Anglo European Studbook Limited
Acting for a company on a claim to set aside a purported sale of the entirety of the company’s business by its former managing director; Patrick sought and obtained interim injunctions and unless orders, ultimately leading to the defendants being debarred from defending and judgment being given in favour of the claimant company with indemnity costs.

J & W Sanderson Limited v Fenox (UK) Limited
Acting for a 50% shareholder in a UK company which owned 42% of a car factory in Minsk Belarus, worth approximately $20m. Patrick obtained an interim injunction preventing the holding of meetings of the company’s board of directors and restraining the defendants from purporting to act as the company’s directors.

Re Candeo Technologies Limited
Acting for the respondents to an unfair prejudice petition in respect of a tech company (with James Potts QC).

Westminster Group plc v Johnsons
Successfully opposing the enforcement of an expert determination pursuant to a share purchase agreement.

Sira v Thornhurst Properties Limited (Lawtel AC9701012)
Acting for the defendant on an application for summary judgment. The Judge praised Patrick’s “admirable skeleton argument” and paid tribute to the way that he had got on top of the complex legal arguments.


  • Companies House matters (including rectification of register / charges register / restoration to register)
  • Company meetings
  • Construction and drafting of constitutional documents
  • Disclosure and Transparency Rules
  • Takeover Code

Hounslow Badminton Association v Registrar of Companies [2013] EWHC 2961 (Ch)
Application for directions following the restoration of a company to the register; established that the attempted registration of a charge during the period of a company’s dissolution is retrospectively validated by its restoration to the register.

Re ESG Holdings Limited
Acting for a minority shareholder on an application for rectification of the company’s register of members in a dispute over the purported use of drag along provisions in the company’s articles.

Unio 03300406 Limited
Application for rectification of a company’s register of members along with a vesting order under s. 51 of the Trustee Act 1925 where the company had no members or directors.

Patrick also has a significant advisory practice. Examples include:

  • Advising a plc seeking a listing on the Korean Stock Exchange in respect of issues arising out of the payment of dividends;
  • Advising on the construction of articles of association and shareholders’ agreements;
  • Acting for a plc in respect of issues arising following the use of squeeze-out provisions during a take-over offer;
  • Advising on the operation of compulsory purchase provisions under a company’s articles of association;
  • Advising on shareholder requisitions of general meetings;
  • Advising on distributions and other maintenance of capital issues;
  • Advising on financial assistance;
  • Advising on class rights issues and entrenching provisions in a company’s articles of association;
  • Advising on the meaning of equity share capital under the Companies Act 2006;
  • Advising on and drafting a broad range of documents for corporate transactions.

Restructuring & Insolvency

  • Contentious insolvency
  • Cross-border issues
  • Disputed winding up petitions
  • Jurisdiction to wind up
  • Injunctions to restrain presentation and advertisement of petitions
  • Setting aside statutory demands
  • Administration (incl. extensions of time)
  • Validation orders
  • Transactions at an undervalue / preferences
  • Bankruptcy hearings

JSC Mezhdunarodniy Promyshlenniy Bank v Pugachev [2014] EWHC 4336 (Ch)
Acting for the liquidator of what was formerly one of Russia’s largest privately owned banks on its claims against one of its founders, Sergei Pugachev, under, among other things, the Cross Border Insolvency Regulations 2006 (with Stephen Smith QC and Ben Griffiths).

MF Global Inc
Acting for the trustee for the liquidation of MF Global Inc on an application for recognition under the Cross Border Insolvency Regulations 2006.

Eliyon Limited v Gathani
Acting for the former directors of a company in liquidation defending claims for alleged fraudulent breaches of fiduciary duty.

Angel Group Ltd v British Gas Trading Ltd [2013] BCC 265
Appearing for a substantial commercial landlord on an application to restrain the advertisement of a petition presented by British Gas in respect of alleged utilities bills of over £600,000.

Re Naz One Limited
Appearing for a company on an application to restrain presentation of a winding up petition based on contracts purportedly entered into by a rogue director without authority.

Re First Power Limited
Appearing on a company’s petition for its own winding up raising issues as to the authority to present the petition.

Patrick’s practice also includes:

  • Numerous other disputed winding up petitions, applications to restrain presentation of winding up petitions and applications to restrain advertisement;
  • Applications for validations orders;
  • Applications for directions in administrations and liquidations;
  • Advising liquidators, administrators, receivers and other office holders in respect of insolvency issues including asset recovery, proprietary claims, issues as to the validity of fixed and floating charges, misfeasance claims, transactions at an undervalue, preferences and unlawful dividends;
  • Advising in respect of issues arising under s. 216 of the Insolvency Act 1986 (prohibited names);
  • Advising on set-off.

International & Offshore

Experience of work involving: the Cayman Islands, the BVI, Antigua & Barbuda, Jersey, India and the Solomon Islands where Patrick has been called to the Bar on an ad hoc basis and appeared as an advocate before the Western Pacific Court of Appeal.

Memberships & Publications

Chancery Bar Association – Co-author of Chancery Bar Association’s paper: “Impact of “Mitchell”


Contributor to Buckley on the Companies Acts.

Education & Awards

St John’s College Cambridge: BA (Mathematics) Triple First, Horne Scholar, three time Wright Prize winner

City University: CPE (Commendation)

BPP Law School: BVC (Outstanding)

Patrick has also won Lord Bowen, Lord Denning, Hubert Greenland and City University scholarships from Lincoln’s Inn. Patrick was a scholar of Winchester College.

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